Balance seekers


Beat The January Blues

  10/01/20 Keeping fit and healthy during winter can be tough. Can’t face braving the cold outdoors? Feeling lethargic after an indulgent festive period? You’re […]

Finding A Positive Head Space

  10/10/19 Experiencing a mental health problem can be confusing and scary, but FEAR NOT, you are not alone. As October is Mental Health Month, […]

Be Beach Body Positive

  23/04/19 We're bucking the status quo of 'beach body ready' and redefining 'beach body positivity' as the norm this summer! Welcome back to the […]
Easy Speedy Meals

Easy, speedy meals start with satisfying cupboard staples

Ever rustled through your kitchen cupboards and created some bizarre meals with your leftovers that you’d never admit eating to anyone? Been there. Eaten that baked bean sandwich. Got the orange stained t-shirt.